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tonight. . it's official, the bay bridge is shut down and will be for five days. the work under on way tonight. it could burn for months. we take you to the fire zone near yosemite for a lock the the damage done. lights out. flipping the switch at city buildings could save millions of birds. the now closed bay bridge behind me. just in the last couple minutes the fog has lifted. i can see part of the old span right up to the can't lever section. that's about it. it's the new span that has the light that will illuminate it, work light are on, the trucks are out there. the crews have started.
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we can hear them sand blasting, the work has begun. i want to show you some of the last commuter cars that drove across the span at 8:00 tonight. the last official car that came across was a model a ford, a 1936, that was the year that the bridge opened. the crews are working around the clock to get this new bridge open in five days. kpix 5 is near the toll plaza. you can see work there too. >> reporter: very clearly, a lot of work going on. once the bridge was shut down it only took a few minutes for work trucks to make their way on the highway. to see the size and scope, look at this. the trucks lined up and down the roadway. these are mainly asphalt
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trucks. they are grinding up the roadway from the mccarter maze to the tollway to put in a new root way and -- roadway and drainage. it will take a thousand trucks and then demolition to the bay bridge. another how to truckloads of steel and continue treat will -- concrete. it's a lot of work but so far so good there's quite a bit of activity. we want to get the work done as efficiently as possible to get the drivers the new span as quickly as possible. >> there's a sense of excitement and relief that all this work is about to payoff.
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>> back out here live you're looking at the finishing touches on the bridge. they've worked cushion in to give the crews time to finish the project. as far as the 3:00 p.m. monday deadline to get this done in time for the chain cutting ceremony it's highly unlikely they will miss that deadline. >> reporter: in the meantime drivers have on the map out the alternative route to get where they are going while the bridge is shut down. many have to drive south on 101, take the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge to north another alternative. plan ahead since there may be heavier traffic than you might be used to with everybody bypassing the bay bridge. other people will use bart.
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wart will carry the brunt of the load. this is what the station looked like earlier this evening. bart is running trains around the clock through monday evening, but they are going to have limited overnight service. ac transit is offers service. san francisco bay ferry willed aextra crossing. same then between san francisco and sausalito. and special bike special to get the bike over the golden gate and the richmond, san rafael bridges. beginning tomorrow morning our broadcast will begin at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the alternative to get to work on time. you can check out our survival guide at
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moving on to the wildfires the fastest grows wildfire in the nation is making yosemite look like a war zone. since it broke out august 17th the rim fire has burned through 187,000-acres. it is 23% contained and some ash has fallen on the surface of the hetch hetchy res zone none is where the water is withdrawn. we sent kent to the fire zone to see how bad it is. we want to show viewers how devastating the fire is. this is scorchedders, it goes on -- scorched earth. it goes on for mys to hetch hetchy. it continues to rage in the high country. over the other shoulder the
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power lines going to hetch hetchy. they have no power in them. that was burned out by the fire. >> that was ken, for all the latest updates go to you will see the interactive maps. fairfield families returned to the burned out homes to grab anything they could salvage from the fire. rubble is left after strong winds blew the fire from one house to the next on marigold drive. five homes burned to the ground, 10 are damaged. 50 peep were evacuated and no one was hurt. u.s. marshals arrested two people who took things too far between -- in a soccer match in april. vargas is in jail charged with criminal mischief, harassment
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and disorderly conduct. jennifer marquez was also arrested. before the match the two along with several other earthquake fans attacked a 40-year-old timbers fan in the parking lot. you can see the windshield was smashed the car a mess. police have identified the other suspects and say charges are pending. san francisco is shutting off lights in buildings. not the save power. brian webb shows what the city is trying to save instead. >> reporter: birds apparently have great night vision. when you shine a light in their path it can blind them, confuse them and cause death by window. >> bright lights on big wind rose bad news for -- windows are bad news for birds. >> the birds flying into it. is that a problem. >> the 2-year-old light out
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program that sounds unequally fran is -- san francisco is going on in other cities. so far seven of the 10 tallest builds are on board. >> anywhere there's tall buildings in a fly way the birds fly into those buildings. several studies and thousands of dead birds shows that millions of birds could be spared the sudden impact of beak the glass. there were no lights shining they would see the obstacle. >> and we're not talking about sea gulls and pigeons but migrating birds that cruise over california in the fall. switching off the light will make birds more likely to hit the build. >> bird safe buildings come with the added benefit of lower
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bills. >> it's only a hadn't full of -- handful of privately owned buildings online now. but they hope the program will take off. >> why would buildings keep the light off year round? >> you know, for the bird issue it only matter during september, october, november, but the longer you leave the lights off, the more money you save. attention, fast food lovers in the east bay may not order your favorite hamburger or fries the employees are planning to walk off their jobs at fast food places in web alameda county. workers from mcdonald's, kfc are asking for a right to earn more moneys is. >> weighing options when it comes to syria. president obama says the u.s. may go against the united
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nations wishes. honoring the dream. martin luther king, jr. speech 50 years ago. continuing coverage of the bay bridge closure. met a number of the folks on treasure island today. the construction going on. high temperature. we made it to the 80s away from the water. there was significant change coming to the bay area as we head toward the weekend. details on that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chemical weapons attack aga its own people. but the united states says co prevent fu obamas in. president obama has not decided how the u.s. will react to the chemical attack in syria. >> i have no interest in any kind of open-ended cob flick in syria, but we have to make sure when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us they are held accountable.
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an american submarine along with four destroyers and a fifth is on the way. thousands of people from across the country gathered in the national mall to remember martin luther king, jr.'s call for racial equality made 50 years ago today. the first black u.s. president led the tribute to doctor king's "i have a dream" speech. >> 50 years to the day that the speech ended a crowd lined the refrequenting pool -- reflecting pool. the most visible sign the features preacher was the first black president. >> the same flame that lit the heart of all who are willing to take a first step for justice, i know that flame remains. >> at 3:00 the hour in which
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dr. king delivered the speech bells rang. the ceremonies here at the lincoln memorial are over until the next anniversary. dr. king's call of action goes on. martin luther king ii said his fathers dream is closer to being realized but there's a long way ahead. we have significant challenges around unemployment of young people, young african-americans and from all communities. we have challenges as it relates to violence. >> problems that can be overcome by following his fathers advice. to reach across the divide and work together 725 decades -- five decades later people think real progress has been made but there's room for improvement. 40% of blacks have experienced
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racial discrimination compared to 15% for whites. live back here and we're watching construction crews on the new span of the bay bridge. one of the first things, there was a barrier -- barrier and it separated the new span from the s curve. we saw them remove that barrier. now trucks are making that loop. something we've not seen before. the barrier will go back up when they open the new span to traffic. most people in the final hours before the bridge closed. they rushed to get home, but a lot of people rushed to say good-bye. >> don't you have a better place to be? i do. i want him to have a lasting mihmtry bridge. the southern shore of treasure island was the place to be. those who feel a special bond
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and love it warts and all. i miss the architecture and the tile of that particular bridge. we love her. it was a bitter sweet sunrise for rick who choked back tears to take a last photo. i would love to capture the last day of it and make a momentouso caution. the flood of nostalgia continued on social media. hundreds of photos captured and not to mention the driving photos. page after page often with one hand to steering wheel and the other on the camera. tagged with lines like "good- bye old friend." >> change and grieve and go on. >> there's a couple lucky people who'll get a front row seat. they live and work on treasure
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island. people living on treasure island do have to find someway to get across. what happens they have to get a special permit that allows them to go from the island to san francisco and back. but they are ex clusive group. it will take a long time to take the old bridge down. they call it deconstruction. that will take three years because of the environmental concerns. they can't blow it up and have it fall in the water. they have to dismantle it piece by piece to avoid a collapse. some of the old bridge will be kept for historic purposes. most be recycled or sold for scrap. the total cost, $240 million. they will do it in three phases. the first will be taking the can't lever section down. that will take years.
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the first thing they will make a cut right in the middle it. that will be something to see. thanks so much. now paul is here. we're mapping how to get home. go to ukiah, east and and down i-5 to sacramento. >> fog on the way. and home by saturday. it will be tough for commuters. we knew it was coming. it doesn't make the drive shorter. the weather will cooperate. they need dry weather. they will get it. i'm going to show you what's going on outside. a live picture first to weather computer. the construction trucks are doing their thing under mainly cloudy skies. coat tower. the low cloud cover moving in. i have video of the low cloud cover spilling over san
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francisco bay. it's majestic to watch this happen. low cloud cover moving in. a lot of stop by san rafael for the first time in a long time. the forecast tomorrow 84 degrees, morning fog, afternoon sunshine. a lot of you taking that bridge instead. a big area of low pressure to the northwest. an inch of rain in seattle. we won't see the rain, the low continues to feed in. cloudy outside. a cloudy start tomorrow. more afternoon sunshine and the onshore flow the light to moderate. it's cutting the heat. it will do more over the weekend. saturday low pressure gets closer and stronger. we grab more of the ocean influence, temperature will drop by 10 degrees. a significant cool down over the weekend. more of the same tomorrow and friday. beautiful weather to get outside when the kids are done
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with school. livermore 89, san jose 82. a high of 84 for palo alto. a lot of sunshine for pittsburgh. dublin 88. 73 for san leandro and 90 for lake county. friday is the warmest day before the cooldown begins. starts on saturday. you will feel that change on sunday and monday. we'll stay in the 60s near the bay. not gold but cooler, no rain for the folks finishing up the bridge. >> that's a nice weekend. a plan to limit soda sales in a bay area city falls flat. some say the move was too much. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drink fix in san jose. today a proposal that woulde and even . soda lovers rejoice. you can get your sugar a juice drink in san jose. the ban fell flat. backers said the measure would easy bees tee but others -- obesity. sugar sweet ended beverages are the number 1 contributor to calories in the american diet today. how close did the giants come to being no hit in colorado. the a's had no issue tonight at the plate. ,,,, unbelievable.
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and once the team took the d it r... . the a's not off to a great start activate bret anderson. miguel cabrera may have been impressed. the a'sjumped on doug fister in the 2nd. suzuki put the a's up 2-0. pitching for the first time
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since april 29th bret anderson tossed the final 3 innings. in the 8th, moss' three-run homer put oakland up 31-1. the a's pound out 21 hits and win 14-4. >> pal low sand -- pablo sandoval giving a salsa dancing lesson. a no-hitter into the seventh striking out nine including buster posey to end the sixth. bottom six tied until one. torrealba ground-rule double. looking ahead for the sports. giants are away, the a's are at home. >> thanks so much. thanks for watching our news at 10:00. the news always on we live you pictures of the bay
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bridge which is now officially retired. ,, ,, ,,
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- dunder mifflin is about to be sold. but first, an investment banker has to drop by and sign off on our branch. and i'm pretty nervous about it. and i'm...making some cosmetic tweaks to help create a more appealing environment. is that dishonest? well, think of it this way.

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